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This is Your Next Virtual Fundraiser

It is widely reported that non-profits and charities are concerned about their donor bases during the pandemic induced economic downturn. Our trivia will help.

We want to partner with non-profits and charities to help your fundraising. We will create virtual game rooms with exclusive invitation codes for nonprofits and charities. The revenue generated from players in those trivia rooms will be used as donations to your organization. This is a unique, entertaining way for players to donate to their favorite non-profits and charities while competing for cash prizes.

This virtual concept is the next generation of raffles, silent auctions, and other fund raising events. Additionally, because Trivial Rush is a mobile app, players can donate and play from across the country without the limitations of attending an in-person fund raising event.


Who is City Trivia?

City Trivia's trivia adventure started in 2009 at a pub in Bethesda, Maryland with an idea for a new and exciting trivia format. Over the next 10 years City Trivia grew to more than 100 weekly events in five states and the District of Columbia, with more than 5,000 trivia players every week! We also created the We Don't Know Either brand to produce our podcast and publish our trivia book.

We were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic because we could no longer safely host traditional pub trivia events. But within that hardship, we found an opportunity to pivot and we created a new and exciting mobile app version of our popular pub trivia format. Trivial Rush is the result of more than 50 years of trivia writing, hosting, and producing experience. As trivia lovers ourselves, we have created the mobile trivia app that we have always wanted to play.

What is Trivial Rush?

Trivial Rush is an exciting and pressure packed trivia app that allows players to compete for cash prizes against friends, family, and other players across the United States.

Each game of trivial rush presents the player with 10 questions of increased difficulty and point value. Players have 60 seconds to answer all 10 questions. At the end of each game the correct answers and time remaining are used to calculate a score. The players with the top scores at the end of the day win cash prizes. To encourage participation, players receive 5 free plays and additional plays can be purchased. The players with the top scores at the end of each 24 hour window will receive a portion of the revenue from purchased plays as cash prizes. This means that as more players purchase plays the cash prizes will get bigger and bigger! Scores and prizes reset every 24 hours.


When Can Our Partnership Begin?

As the popularity of Trivial Rush increases, we want to increase the ways in which players can win prizes. Most players will not have a top score and win the top prize. To keep players engaged, the next phase of Trivial Rush will include prizes for geographic winners. Using a player's zip code, we will create top prizes for state, metro region, and even zip codes winners. This means that a player could place 1,000th nationally, but come in first in their zip code and still win a cash prize.

Phase 1 of Trivial Rush does not include any form of player community. Future phases will remedy this by adding the ability for players to generate private rooms to compete directly a closed, invite only group of people and still win cash prizes. These private rooms will be created using invitation codes that can be kept private or made public. This would allow for private rooms representing groups of friends, family events, or even broader communities such as alumni groups, social groups, or charity based non-profits.