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How Trivial Rush Works

Trivial Rush is an exciting and pressure packed trivia game that allows you to compete for cash prizes against friends, family, and other players across the United States.

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Daily Plays and Prizes

You will receive 5 free plays a day and you can purchase additional plays that never expire. The players with the top scores at the end of each 24 hour window will receive a portion of the revenue from purchased plays as cash prizes. This means that as more players purchase plays the cash prizes will get bigger and bigger! The scores and prizes reset every 24 hours.

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Game Play

Questions are progressive and increase in difficulty and value during each round from 1 to 10 points. Question 1 is worth 1 point, question 2 is worth 2 points, so on and so forth. Therefore, correct answers are worth a maximum score of 55 points. To illustrate: The first question is worth 1 point and will be ridiculously easy, such as "What is the opposite of 'yes'?" The tenth question is worth 10 points and will be ridiculously difficult, such as "What was the first human made object to break the sound barrier?"

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Scoring Points

If you answer all the questions in less than 60 seconds, then your remaining time (down to a hundredth of a second) is used as the time multiplier against your question points. If you have 1 second or less remaining, then your time multiplier becomes 1 and you are only awarded your question points. But be careful: you’ll lose seconds from your time multiplier for wrong answers starting with 9 seconds for question 1, 8 seconds for question 2, etc. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any seconds for when you answer question 10 wrong.


Download Now!

If you’re looking for a fun way to challenge your knowledge, exercise your brain under pressure, and win some cash prizes and bragging rights then come and join the RUSH… it’s Trivia at Full Speed!

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