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Frequently Asked Questions

Game Play

What are the rules of the game?

Answer 10 progressive questions that increase in difficulty and value during each game, all before the 60 seconds clock runs out.

Why is this game different than other trivia apps?

Trivial Rush was created by City Trivia, a pub trivia company. We created a new and exciting mobile app version of our popular pub trivia format. Trivial Rush is the result of more than 50 years of trivia writing, hosting, and producing experience. As trivia lovers ourselves, we have created the mobile trivia app that we have always wanted to play. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

Our questions are professionally written, researched and vetted to ensure the best possible trivia experience.

To our winners, we're giving away daily cash prizes that, like our questions, are progressive based on the number of daily players.

How difficult are the questions?

Our questions were originally used in pub trivia events and are designed for adult level knowledge and range from ridiculously easy (1 point) to ridiculously difficult (10 points). We guarantee you will get questions right... and wrong.

How do I start a new game?

Download the app and click "Play Now!"

Who can play?

Although we don't typically include risqué questions, our content is written for a pub trivia, 21 and over environment. That being said, anyone can play Trivial Rush, but only players 18 and older in the United States can win cash prizes.

How are scores calculated?

Questions are progressive and increase in difficulty and value during each round from 1 to 10 points. Question 1 is worth 1 point, question 2 is worth 2 points, so on and so forth. Therefore, correct answers are worth a maximum score of 55 points. To illustrate: The first question is worth 1 point and will be ridiculously easy, such as "What is the opposite of 'yes'?" The tenth question is worth 10 points and will be ridiculously difficult, such as "What was the first human made object to break the sound barrier?"

What is the "time multiplier"?

If you answer all the questions in less than 60 seconds, then your remaining time (down to a hundredth of a second) is used as the time multiplier against your question points. If you have 1 second or less remaining, then your time multiplier becomes 1 and you are only awarded your question points. But be careful: you’ll lose seconds from your time multiplier for wrong answers starting with 9 seconds for question 1, 8 seconds for question 2, etc. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any seconds for when you answer question 10 wrong.

What type of questions are in the game?

We focus on providing a wide variety of subjects for Trivial Rush, so the game stays fresh and fun! We divide our trivia into 5 categories, each with 5 subcategories. You can find a description of each category and subcategory here.

What's the best strategy?

Well... who won the race: the Tortoise or the Hare?

Where can I brag about my score?

EVERYWHERE! #TrivialRush

How do I view my past scores?

In the app menu click the Scores option. You'll be able to sort by score and date to see your scoring history.


When do the scores and prizes reset?

Every 24 hours, eastern time in the United States.

How many free plays do I get in a day?

Every 24 hours we'll gift you 5 free plays. Note that winning for free will not be nearly as sweet as winning with purchased plays.

How much are paid plays?

To purchase plays, launch the Trivial Rush app go to the menu in the upper right and select Purchases. You can purchase additional plays for as little as $0.99.

What am I eligible to win?

If you're 18 and over and reside in the United States, then you're eligible to win daily cash prizes.

How is the prize total calculated?

The prize pool is based on the number of daily plays, so the more you play the greater the daily cash prize.

How do I receive my winnings?

We will transfer the money to your bank account within 2 banking days of verifying your winning score and the day's cash prize.

Do I need to report winnings as income for tax purposes?

Sorry to say, but yes our cash prizes are taxable. We will report winnings to the IRS and tax forms are issues annually.

How do I see where my score ranks?

From the main screen, select the orange Leaderboard icon. From there you'll see the top players as well as your current best score. You can also change the data and see historical scores.

How often are prizes awarded? How do I see how much time is left in the current prize pool?

Cash prizes are awarded daily. To see the current prize pool, from the main screen select the green Prize Pool icon. The Prize Pool screen shows the time left in today's game and the current prize pool.

What happens if there is a tie for a prize?

Although theoretically possible, we have designed Trivial Rush to avoid ties. First, the scores are calculated to the one hundredth of a point based on the one hundredth of a second of the time remaining in each game. But, if a tie does occur, then the first of the tying scores to have been played will be the winner. In the unlikely chance that two equal scores are recorded at the same time then we will evenly split the cash prize among both players.

Trivia Questions

Who writes the questions?

We take immense pride in our trivia content. Our full-time staff has over 50 years of pub trivia writing and hosting experience. We leverage that experience by hiring professional questions writers, researchers, and editors. Our questions are written by a writer, accuracy confirmed by a researcher, and then grammar and style finalized by an editor.

How do I report an error with a question?

Although rare, we do make mistakes. After each game you can review the questions and answers and if you feel there's a mistake, click the Report button and let us know.

How do I become a question writer?

We're always looking for excellent question writers. Go to the Contact Us page and send us a couple of sample questions.

My Profile and Information

Do I have to register? What happens if I don't?

To get started, all we ask for is a display name and an email address. You can play as much as you want with just that information.

But, if you win a cash prize then we'll need to collect a little more information to ensure the tax person don't cometh. This will all be done securely and within applicable laws

Note: we do NOT sell your information whether its your name, email address, or personal identifying information. Ever. No exceptions. We like you and don't want to share you.

Who can see my profile? What information is public? Can I go into a private mode?

Your profile information is not available to other players. All that can be seen by other players is your avatar and profile name when your score is on the Leaderboard. The rest of your information is secured away in our digital vaults.

How do I fix a lost/forgotten password?

Open up the Trivial Rush app and select Forgot Password from the login screen. We'll send you a email to get you back to playing trivia right away.

How do I change my password?

From the Trivial Rush app, go to the main screen and select the blue Profile icon. On the bottom select the Change Password link.

Where can I buy merchandise of the adorable Trivial Rush animals?

We don't sell merchandise at this time, but its on our radar and we hope to have this option soon.

...And Beyond

Who is City Trivia?

That's a fairly existentialist question and we're not even quite sure. But you can learn about our company history on the About Us page.

Where can I download Trivial Rush?

Trivial Rush is available from your friendly Apple and Google app stores.

What's next for Trivial Rush?

We have all kinds of ideas for the next steps of Trivial Rush: player challenges, private rooms, local geographic prize pools, and much much more. Stay tuned!

Can my company sponsor trivia questions? Can I advertise on Trivial Rush?

Our trivia content must remain unbiased so we don't offer the ability to sponsor trivia questions and Trivial Rush revenue is purely from player purchases. We like to provide an ad free environment where players can simply enjoy playing trivia. But... see the next question.

Can we partner and do cool trivia stuff together?

Absolutely. We've partnered with major companies, non-profits, museums, and more. We have a ton of ideas on how to work with you through trivia. Send us a message on the Contact Us page and through social media.

You didn't answer my question!

Feel free to contact us using the Contact Us page or through our social media. We always love engaging with our trivia players.