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Trivia Categories

We focus on providing a wide variety of subjects for Trivial Rush, so the game stays fresh and fun! We divide our trivia into 5 categories, each with 5 subcategories.


Entertainment Trivia

In Entertainment we focus on all things performance and pop culture. We'll ask you about the legends of the silver screen, your favorite reality shows and etc.

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Arts Trivia

In Arts we cover all of the beauty and splendor of the creative life. To keep the graphic readers interested we have an entire category dedicated to questions from superheroes to Sunday funnies.

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Science Trivia

In Science we take you back to the days of the pop quiz and test the knowledge your teachers attempted to impart on you.

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History Trivia

In history we cover the events that shape our times. This category is broken into events that are specifically American and those belonging to the rest of the world.

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Sports and Recreation Trivia

In Sports and Recreation we cover all of the competitive and fun aspects of life.

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